Researcher: Don’t Be So ‘Quick To Throw Away’ Low-Carb Because It Actually Lowers Cholesterol

Filed under: Study — @ June 1, 2006

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shares yet another healthy benefit to the low-carb lifestyle whether you lose weight or not.

Dr. Ronald M. Krauss, Director of Atherosclerosis Research at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, observed 178 overweight men during his study to see what effect various diet plans would have on their lipid profile.

After putting them all on the same diet for the first week of the study, the men were then randomly split into one of four groups:

1. 54 percent carb group with a low-saturated fat content (7%)
2. 39 percent carb group with a low-saturated fat content (7%)
3. 26 percent carb group with a low-saturated fat content (7%)
4. 26 percent carb group with a higher-saturated fat content (15%)

The study had the men also experience calorie restriction to induce weight loss for several weeks during the study and then finally a diet that would stabilize their weight.

It should not surprise anyone (except the diehard low-fat defenders) that the low-carb diet performed much better than their low-fat, high-carb counterparts in terms of lowering triglycerides and LDL cholesterol while also raising the HDL cholesterol.

bq. Are we really surprised by these findings? Previous studies have already shown that livin’ la vida low-carb will raise your HDL while also lowering your total cholesterol especially in tandem with regular exercise. Dr. Krauss’ study merely cooberates what we already knew about a low-carb nutritional approach.

Click here to read more about this new study supporting the low-carb lifestyle to manage cholesterol levels.


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