We Can’t Blame Restaurants For Our Obesity

Filed under: In The News — @ June 3, 2006

A new government report from the Food and Drug Administration this week wants to lay the blame and cause of obesity directly at the feet of the restaurant industry. This is wrong because it is none of the government’s business to meddle in what they do to market their products!

bq. If restaurants are marketing their products too convincingly to the public, then it must be the public who demands more out of these businesses and urging them to provide healthier options. The government needs to stay out of legislating what businesses can and cannot do as a means for promoting good health because it is none of their business. If there was enough of an outrage about this, then a grassroots effort would bring about change.

Read more about what the FDA and other government-health officials are recommending restaurants do to make their menu options healthier by clicking here.


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