Why Is Low-Carb Maintenance So Freakin’ Hard?!

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ June 4, 2006

Newspaper columnist Jim Six poured out his heart in this op-ed article he wrote about how difficult it is to maintain your weight after losing on low-carb.

I can certainly identify with how easy it is to lose your focus while on the low-carb lifestyle despite the fact that I was able to lose 180 pounds on it in 2004. But the important thing is to have a remedy in place ready to go to keep your weight from overtaking you again like it did before the weight loss.

bq. While I have noticed some weight gain this year for the first time since I began my low-carb lifestyle on January 1, 2004, I refuse to allow it to defeat me. I have stepped up my game plan to lick this slight weight gain long before it gets as out of control as what Jim Six is going through.

Anyone who has lost weight can tell you how easy it can be to slip into old habits when you let your guard down. Even worse is when you go through the motions of low-carb living and start to slack off where you once were so strong. It is during these moments that you have to suck it up and recommit yourself to the low-carb lifestyle.

bq. This sudden weight gain is unacceptable to me and I am going to defeat this with the same determination that helped me lose 180 pounds to begin with! Although I have grown a little lax in my low-carb lifestyle, I am rededicating myself to start being even more serious about what I need to do for the sake of my own weight and health as well as for the example I have become to others.

Click here to learn more about what happened to Jim Six and what I believe he needs to do to get back on track. Why is low-carb maintenance so freakin’ hard anyway?!


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