Exclusive Interview With Anthony Colpo: Unplugged and Unleashed

Filed under: Health — @ June 5, 2006

The Omnivore’s Anthony Colpo has just released a hard-hitting new book exposing the cholesterol crisis scam that has been perpetrated on the world by the medical community entitled “The Great Cholesterol Con.”

As I previously told you, I will be writing a book review of Colpo’s magnum opus on the subject of cholesterol very soon. This is a watershed publication that is sure to rock the medical community to its very core if it gets the attention it deserves.

Meanwhile, Anthony Colpo agreed to give me an exclusive interview to discuss his new book, debate what he believes is behind the cholesterol-lowering drug “con,” and to share quite frankly what the real cause of heart disease is. He was extremely candid and very articulate in his answers which I am sure everyone who is on the low-carb lifestyle will absolutely LOVE him for!

Here’s a sneak peek:

bq. I tabulate the results of all the clinical dietary intervention trials for heart disease conducted over the last five decades, and then carefully discuss the conduct and results of each and every one of these trials. It sounds elementary, but amazingly, no-one has ever bothered to do this before! So until now, when health authorities claimed that dietary cholesterol-lowering had been proven beneficial, the public really had no way of knowing whether this was true. Now they can see plainly for themselves that it is not true! There is now no excuse for anyone to keep claiming that controlled clinical trials have proven the worth of dietary cholesterol-lowering or saturated fat restriction! My book cites and explains the published, peer-reviewed evidence showing this to be totally false.

Click here to read more of my exclusive interview entitled “Anthony Colpo: Unplugged and Unleashed” in its entirety.


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