Think That Chicken Is ‘Chargrilled’? Think Again!

Filed under: Restaurants — @ June 6, 2006

I love to eat chicken as part of my low-carb lifestyle. It’s a tasty way to enjoy a high-protein and even relatively low-fat food with virtually no carbs. What could be better to order from a fast food restaurant than a chargrilled chicken breast, right?

Well, have you ever questioned whether that “chargrilled chicken” you get at your favorite fast food or sit-down restaurant was actually grilled in the restaurant you purchased it from? Well, there’s new evidence that you really should. Why?

According to a Fast Company magazine column, most restaurants put their chicken breasts through a fake “grilling” process to fool their customers into believing they are getting a fresh-off-the-grill chicken breast. I had no idea they were doing this!

bq. Have you ever wondered how they get those marks to look so symmetrical each and every time you order one off the menu? Well, there’s a reason for that and you may not like it either!

Click here to learn more about this artificial process of fattening up the chicken with fillers and putting them through a method called “char marking.” Plus, you won’t want to miss which popular restaurant chain is the lone exception to this because they actually grill their chicken at the restaurant.


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