What’s Up With This Weight ‘Bounce’ After Enormous Low-Carb Weight Loss?

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After reading about my slight weight gain in 2006 after losing 180 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004, a woman sent me an e-mail sharing she too saw her weight “bounced” after her low-carb weight loss.

bq. “I admit I’ve had some real struggles with my weight in spite of my commitment. I’ve bounced up about 20 pounds and even though my diet has remained virtually the same and I’m back up to exercising at my normal level, I cannot get the scales to budge. I’ve noticed the same basic thing occuring with many of my low-carb cohorts. They lose a significant amount of weight and then kind of settle back in at a 10-20 pounds level above their lowest. I wonder if this is some kind of low carb diet phenomenon. Have you encountered many people with the same problem?”

That’s my question for you. Has anyone else gone through anything like this personally themselves? I sure have. But for me, I can see some of the reasons for my slight weight gain.

bq. Most of it has been of my own doing, though — not eating quite as well as I should, stopping that workout just a little too prematurely, taking one bite of something with a whole lotta carbs in it. It all adds up over time and can have an impact on your weight and even your health. It has become a little harder to eat the way I did when I was losing weight because I am not that man anymore. I realize it may be time for me to adjust my eating again to fit my new body.

Perhaps this is something that needs to be discussed more often — when you lose weight there is one kind of low-carb eating. But when you are keeping that weight off and weigh less than you used to, there is another way to eat low-carb. People forget I’m still learning this process of eating healthy, too!

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