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Filed under: Publications — @ June 14, 2006

About Low Carb Diets Guide Laura Dolson has posted her review of the British low-carb sensation GoLower bars.

While she was positive about them for the most part, the only slight criticism Dolson had for the GoLower bars is the chocolate flavor which Dolson described as “very mild.” There’s a reason for that, according to GoLower founder and CEO Hannah Sutter.

bq. When I asked GoLower Founder and CEO Hannah Sutter about this in January, she told me the British people don’t favor a rich chocolate bar as much as Americans do. Therefore, the “chocolate” GoLower bars should be viewed as chocolate-flavored rather than a traditional chocolate bar. With that said, I’m pleased to let you know that the GoLower company has actually released a line of GoLower Chocolate Bars that I have already had the opportunity to taste and OH…MY…GOODNESS!!!

I’ll be reviewing those GoLower Chocolate Bars VERY soon and I think you’ll be pleased.

Click here for more about Laura Dolson’s review of GoLower nut bars!


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