Why Is The FDA Dragging Its Feet On Approving Stevia As A Sweetener?

Filed under: New Product — @ June 14, 2006

The sweetener-turned-supplement that’s REALLY a sweetener called Stevia has been mired in so much government red tape by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for years and years that it seems this miracle sweet substance that is calorie-free and low-carb will never be allowed to be marketed in America alongside such name-brand sugar alternatives as Splenda, Nutrasweet and Sweet N’ Low.

What’s amazing is this superb product is already regularly used in Japan and other Asian countries where Stevia accounts for 40 percent of the sweetener market! FORTY PERCENT! Do ya think the sugar lobby and even other artificial sweetener company execs are quaking in their boots?

bq. They claim the stevia plant hasn’t been studied well enough to pass the safety and health muster. SO LOOK AT IT ALREADY!!! What’s the big holdup besides protecting the financial and business interests of the sugar lobby?! The FDA also claims they believe it could cause cancer. Yeah, so what DOESN’T cause cancer these days, hmmm?! They’re treating stevia like it’s marijuana or something.

Read more about the FDA’s strongarm tactics on approving Stevia as a sweetener in the U.S. and find out how you can purchase some of this delicious, all-natural, and SAFE product for yourself by clicking here.


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