ADA-Recommended Diabetes Food Pyramid Rejects Low-Carb Solution

Filed under: Health — @ June 17, 2006

Look at this pathetic food pyramid that is posted on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) web site! One out of every three, that’s 73 million Americans, are either diabetic or pre-diabetic and THIS is the ADA’s answer to the epidemic?!

No wonder the numbers of people with Type 2 diabetes just keeps going higher and higher because the low-carb solution is being blatantly rejected. Just take one look at what the largest food group is on the Diabetes Food Pyramid and you’ll see why people who have this disease aren’t getting any better.

bq. The ADA is pushing diabetics to eat more servings of potatoes (CARBS!), breads (CARBS!), cereals (CARBS!), beans (CARBS!), and starchy veggies (CARBS!) than anything else. Sure, sweets that contain sugar are naturally discouraged, but what about the process that the body goes through converting those carbohydrates that are “recommended” into sugar for the body that can cause blood sugar to go haywire?!

Click here to read more about this ADA-recommended food pyramid and why it’s probably not the best way for diabetics to eat to control their blood sugar and manage their disease.


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