Not All Fats Are As Bad As Trans-fats

Filed under: In The News — @ June 17, 2006

Have you heard about the lawsuit against Kentucky Fried Chicken because of the trans-fats in their cooking oil? It was filed this week by a man named Michael Jacobson (pictured above) from The Center For Science In The Public Interest (this is the same group pushing for warning labels to be put on sugary sodas).

You know, I’m all for trying to cut down on the health-robbing trans-fats in the foods we eat (especially after this study showed they make you one-third fatter and more susceptible to diabetes), but does it need to take a lawsuit from an extremist group like this to make it happen?

bq. It’s good that the nation is starting to talk about trans-fats and how harmful they can be for people wanting to protect their health and waistline. The move is on across the food industry in the United States to eliminate this completely unnecessary food ingredient from our lives. Silly lawsuits accomplish nothing, Mr. Jacobson. Instead, use your resources and platform to help educate people about making better choices, not making warning labels!

Plus, whenever people start talking about how bad trans-fats are for your health, somehow the discussion turns to how bad ALL fats are.

bq. NOT ALL FATS ARE AS BAD AS TRANS-FATS. This sends the wrong message to people about fat in general. It’s really not necessarily the total fat, including saturated and unsaturated fats, in foods that threatens people’s health.

Click here to read how while the government is feigning interest in promoting the elimination of trans-fats in foods, they are secretly allow trans-fats to be put in products that are labeled “no trans-fats.” This will sincerely shock you when you find out what they are doing.


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