National Weight Control Registry Statistics Impacted By Low-Carb Participants

Filed under: Study — @ June 20, 2006

Have you heard of The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR)? This is that pool of people who have been successful at weight loss and weight maintenance that the media often cites in stories to support the low-fat/low-calorie diet since most of the participants have traditionally lost weight using this method.

But a new study published in The Journal Of Obesity in April 2006 found that people who are on the low-carb lifestyle are beginning to have an impact on the statistical numbers of the NWCR.

Here are the key findings of the study:

- Daily percentage of calories from fat ROSE from 23.8% to 29.4%
- Saturated fat intake CLIMBED from 12.3g to 154.0g daily
- Calories from carbs DROPPED from 56.0% to 49.3%
- Low-carb dieters INCREASED from 5.9% to 17.1%
- Physical activity remained statistically constant

I joined the NWCR last year and believe even more low-carb weight loss successes should consider joining as well to show others that this is indeed a viable long-term weight loss and weight maintenance method.

Click here to find out more about how to join the NWCR and why it is so important for people who support low-carb living to do this.


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