Ooops: AHA Admits Fallacy Of Reducing Fat Intake For Weight Loss

Filed under: In The News — @ June 20, 2006

The American Heart Association (AHA) issued a new set of health recommendations this week and most glaring is the omission of one of the cornerstones of a “healthy” diet over the past three decades. That would be the concept of total fat reduction.

And yet the AHA conveniently overlooked this in their list of changes that people should make to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

bq. Hmmm, have they finally abandoned the failed low-fat diet approach which has seemed to simply perpetuate the obesity crisis in America over the past few decades? If so, then it’s about darn time, AHA! This sudden about face on this issue is proof positive that they know they were wrong in their previous recommendations and now have egg on their face about it.

Learn more about what the AHA is recommending people do to be healthy (don’t be surprised to see some popular dieting myths we’ve heard out entire lives!) as well as how that fits in for people following a low-carb plan by clicking here.


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