Is Avocado Oil The Next Big Health Trend?

Filed under: New Product — @ June 21, 2006

I only recently started seriously looking at the kinds of oils I use as part of my low-carb lifestyle because I wanted to be using the very healthiest oil possible to maximize not only their contribution to my diet but also to add value to the flavor of the foods I was eating.

Now I think I’ve found it: Avocado Oil!

This stuff is the only other oil “The Hamptons Diet” author Dr. Fred Pescatore recommends other than his beloved macadamia nut oil. There’s a good reason why, too — this stuff is amazing!

I tried a brand called Olivado Avocado Oil which has a variety of infused flavors such as lemon, rosemary, basil, chili and bell pepper, macadamia nut, and omega-enhanced. They sell well over a million bottles of this product that comes from New Zealand worldwide annually.

Click here to learn more about Olivado Avocado Oil and you can decide for yourself if it is the next big thing in healthy eating.


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