One-On-One With Low-Carb Researcher Dr. Richard Feinman

Filed under: Health — @ June 21, 2006

Dr. Richard D. Feinman from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York agreed to a one-on-one interview to discuss the current state of low-carb research in 2006. A lot of what he had to say should be encouraging to those of us who support the low-carb lifestyle.

Here’s a little of what Dr. Feinman said:

“Whereas I am not strictly speaking as an advocate of any diet, I am primarily interested in low carbohydrate approaches because they are grounded in metabolism (e.g., high carbohydrate, high insulin, fat storage rather than oxidation) in a way that low fat diets are not.”
“Everybody agrees that if you are overweight and you remove fat from your diet as a way to reduce calories, that is a good thing. It is only if you replace the fat with carbohydrate that you get into trouble.”
“With diabetes, carbohydrate restriction has been a traditional treatment and because the underlying physiology is obvious and accepted. Since low carbohydrates stabilize glucose and insulin excursions, we can expect progress pretty soon. Even the ADA is probably trying to back into carbohydrate restriction with a minimum of losing face.”
“My mindset is ready to be shot down. Show me the data. Also, whereas it is common for people to say that one size does not fit all, the nutrition literature continues to publish averages and group statistics.”
“If people are willing to try to throw away the bun and just eat the hamburger and see if that isn


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