Havey: Coca-Cola Holds Contest To Die For…Literally!

Filed under: Business — @ June 25, 2006

Successful companies run marketing promotions all the time to help keep their products in front of the consumer. It just makes good business sense.

The Coca-Cola company is one of the best at this and their latest MyCokeRewards contest promising all sorts of unique and exciting prizes fits in that same mold. There’s only one problem, though. It’s impossible to drink enough Coke products to accrue enough points to win those prizes.

Special thanks to fellow health blogger Julia Havey for pointing this out and actually running the numbers. This will astound you!

bq. In a 10 month period, what do you think would happen to an individual who consumed roughly 49,000 12 ounce containers of Cola?

That’s exactly what an individual would have to do in order to win one of the big prizes offered by Coca-Cola, including the famous red couch from American Idol, a real car hood from a NASCAR vehicle, and a round of golf at the legendary Pebble Beach. That’s 163 cans of Coke products consumed a day for 300 straight days! Havey called on Dr. David Katz to explain what would happen to someone who actually tried to do this.

bq. That is a volume of 30 gallons. That alone would wreak metabolic havoc, causing lethal electrolyte imbalance. A similar volume of perfectly pure water would do the same. Normal healthy kidneys can only clear up to 12 gallons of fluid a day, and that is extreme. Take in more than that, and you will dilute your serum electrolytes, develop seizures, and die.

Needless to say, Julia Havey believes this is deceptive marketing that could encourage an unreasonable and possibly deadly consumption of Coke products by people who have their hopes set on winning one of those prizes.

Click here to read more about the MyCokeRewards contest and what Julia Havey is doing to demand accountability from Coke with their promotion.


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