Uh-Oh, John Stossel Says The Slow Metabolism Excuse For Weight Is Probably A Myth

Filed under: Celebrity — @ June 26, 2006

ABC News and 20/20 investigative correspondent John Stossel is infamous for getting to the bottom of an issue and this time he takes on one of the most accepted dieting dogmas of all-time:

“I’m fat because of my slow metabolism.”

Well, not so fast on that one, according to Stossel and his panel of experts who actually found that “people with weight problems who have obesity have a higher basal metabolism compared to people who are lean.”

bq. Did you get that? The bigger you are the GREATER your basal metabolism (calories burned) and the smaller you are the LESSER your basal metabolism. In other words, overweight and obese people actually have a higher metabolism but it is because they have to in order to keep up with all that extra weight. I can only imagine what my basal metabolism was when I was 410 pounds! Dubbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbd! Speedy Gonzalez!

Part of the reason for this is the obese sit for 2 1/2 hours more per day and burn 350 fewer calories daily than people who are normal weight. This can lead to an annual weight gain of 30-50 pounds.

Read more about what else Stossel found out about this big dieting myth we’ve all believed our entire lives by clicking here.


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