Don’t Wait To Lose Weight For The Sake Of A Healthy Prostate

Filed under: Study — @ June 27, 2006

A new study by Dr. Sara S. Strom, assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, has found a connection between excessive body fat and the progression of prostate cancer even after radiation treatment.

According to her study, Dr. Strom said the moderate to severely obese men experience a 70 percent chance of developing another cancerous tumor in the prostate than their skinnier counterparts in the study. This was due to the revelation made in a previous study conducted by Dr. Strom that found men who carry around extra weight tend to experience an increase in their PSA levels following radiation treatment compared with the normal weight men. In fact, she added that moderate to severely obese men experienced nearly double the risk of developing elevated PSA levels.

As someone who has lost 180 pounds, my doctors were amazed by my recent PSA level when tested.

bq. When the nurse got the results back a few days later, she called me on my cell phone and said to me, “Mr. Moore, what are you doing?” That was a somewhat vague question to ask me out of the blue, so I answered, “I’m sitting here talking with someone who’s got some good news to tell me.” She laughed and then reported, “We’ve never seen someone with a PSA level of 0.8 before and we wanted to know what you are doing?”

I’m on the low-carb lifestyle, of course! :D

Click here to read more about Dr. Strom’s new study on the link between obesity and prostate cancer.


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