Where’d TheOmnivore.com Go?

Filed under: Publications — @ June 29, 2006

For diehard low-carb fans, one of the most popular and best sources of information for people supporting this lifestyle over the past few years has been Anthony Colpo’s amazing research web site called TheOmnivore.com.

But, as so many people have discovered this week, much of the content on the site has been removed by Colpo in response to the lack of support he has been receiving for his book “The Great Cholesterol Con” (read my interview with him about the book) which was released last month.

bq. “Judging by the sales figures over at [print-on-demand publisher] Lulu, only a small fraction of my newsletter subscribers have even bothered to buy the book,” Colpo revealed. “Yet I still get people emailing to tell me what a great guy I am, how great the (free) info on my web site is and still wanting (free) answers to their questions.”

I suppose after investing hours and hours of his time, money and energy into this project, Colpo is feeling let down by the lackluster sales. However, there is something that all of us who support the low-carb lifestyle can do to show our support for Colpo and this magnum opus on cholesterol he has written.

bq. If you haven’t purchased your copy of his book yet, but would like to support solid scientific research from an accomplished researcher and thinker, then let’s set Friday, June 30, 2006 at 12:00pm EST as the time when we all go to this link to the book at Amazon.com in a show of support for our friend and fellow low-carber Anthony Colpo in his time of need.

The possible impact this could have for Colpo and his book is mindboggling to even think about.

bq. If 100 people did this all at the same time, then the book would possibly move into the Top 100 overall. If 500+ of us did it, then we could ostensibly see Colpo’s book break into the Top 10 bestselling books overall and quite possibly move to #1!

We have an historic opportunity to help a fellow low-carb advocate and independent researcher make a REAL difference in the debate over diet, health, and nutrition. Won’t you join me and the hundreds of others who will band together in support of Anthony Colpo and his new book on Friday at noon?

Click here to read more from Colpo about his decision, including an exclusive response from him to some of the criticism he has been receiving from people regarding the removal of the content from TheOmnivore.com.


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