Dr. Gil Wilshire: Level 1 Evidence Should Be Required On Any Dietary Recommendations

Filed under: Health — @ June 30, 2006

In response to the release of the American Heart Association’s new dietary guidelines which are unsupported by solid nutritional science, Reproductive Endocrinologist and low-carb advocate Dr. Gil Wilshire has called for “an immediate moratorium on all population-wide dietary recommendations that lack support from well-performed, prospective, evidence-based human studies.”

bq. “Sanity in this field will only come out of a complete overhaul,” Dr. Wilshire concluded. “We need to tear down the current edifice of confusion to its most basic foundations, and rebuild it from the bedrock up.”

This is an issue that will remain prescient for many years to come. People who support the low-carb approach which is being proven effective for managing weight and disease in study after study need to become pro-active in this debate.

bq. Share your concerns with your doctor or dietitian, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and even contact your Congressman and Senators to educate them on this important. With obesity getting worse and worse, something really needs to be done about the information we are being given regarding a healthy diet. Dr. Wilshire has started the ball moving. Now we must help keep the ball rolling until something is done to change the same old, same old that has led us down this path to begin with.

Read the entire op-ed piece from Dr. Gil Wilshire at his wife Regina’s “Weight of the Evidence” blog by clicking here.


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