Could Be Coming Back?

Filed under: Publications — @ July 1, 2006

Earlier this week, independent researcher Anthony Colpo decided to remove the content from his popular scientific web site in response to slow sales of his debut book “The Great Cholesterol Con.”

Many people are asking about how to access the old content now that it is no longer available at Click here to find out how to find those columns and also how you can show your support for the author of those amazingly well-written and well-researched papers.

bq. The wave of influence this book can and will have is enormous to think about. Why don’t you do your part to help make that happen by purchasing multiple copies TODAY and putting them where real people — the ones Colpo so desperately wants to reach — can be taught and convinced that their so-called cholesterol problem is one big fat lie? Here’s your chance to change the world in your area and watch it spread like wildfire to the tens of millions who need to hear.

Learn more about how and why people who support the low-carb lifestyle need to get behind Colpo and his book by clicking here. Who knows, with enough interest in his book he might just decide to bring back again. Here’s hoping.


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