Heavier Toys Make Lighter Kids? This Has Got To Be A Joke!

Filed under: Study — @ July 2, 2006

Have you heard about this latest study out of reseachers from Indiana State University who want to put weights inside of toys so our kids will burn more calories and get in some extra exercise while playing. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

John C. Ozmun, lead researcher in the study, found that children playing with the heavier blocks experienced a more rapid heartbeat and breathed deeper than they did with the lighter toys.

bq. Can I interject some common sense into this for just a moment. I’m all for trying to help kids who are dealing with excess weight a way to shed the pounds, but has anybody thought about how dangerous a 3-pound block would be with a group of children who may have the propensity for throwing their toys? Besides hitting another child with one of these “weighted” toys, what about when it hits a window and the glass shatters near other children? Then how bright an idea would this be?

Read more about this study on weighted toys, such as teddy bears, which have some potentially dangerous unintended consequences regarding the safety of children if they ever become mainstream by clicking here.


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