Former Atkins-Approved Milk Marketing Itself As ‘Calorie Countdown’ Now

Filed under: New Product — @ July 3, 2006

Most people who have been on low-carb are familiar with the fantastic low-carb milk product from Hood called Carb Countdown. Well, just like is already happening with other low-carb products, Hood has decided to remove the reference to “carb” from the name of their product and replace it with “calorie.”

Now we have Calorie Countdown, which is the exact same product with the same amount of carbs, sugar, and calories as Carb Countdown had. This is all very interesting considering this is the milk that beared the famous Atkins logo just a couple of years back as being approved for the Atkins diet.

bq. When I was in the midst of losing 180 pounds in 2004, Hood Carb Countdown chocolate milk was a real lifesaver for me. As long as I could drink a glass of this thick, rich stuff, I never felt deprived of something I enjoyed so much as a kid and into my adult life. I’m glad they have decided to keep this product alive because it really is fantastic and good for you compared to the high-sugar alternatives. I just wonder how many new people to livin’ la vida low-carb will know Calorie Countdown milk is acceptable for them to use.

Click here to read more about this “new” Calorie Countdown product that is good for people on the low-carb lifestyle and learn what happened to the Carb Countdown juices.


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