‘World’s Heaviest Man’ Losing Weight The Low-Carb Way

Filed under: In The News — @ July 3, 2006

Manuel Uribe, who has been known as “The World’s Heaviest Man” since tipping the scales at 1,235 pounds earlier this year, is now losing weight naturally thanks to the low-carb lifestyle principles he has implemented courtesy of low-carb diet author Dr. Barry Sears.

After pouring out his soul pleading for help on Mexican television in January, Uribe began the high-protein, low-carb “Zone” diet in February 2006 and has already dropped 200 pounds, an incredible 40-pound-a-month average!

bq. Wanna know how bad it had to get for Uribe before he wanted to change? He put duct tape over the lesions on his legs to help contain them from getting any more infected. He was stuck laying down flat on his back looking up at the ceiling all the time because the fat build-up in his midsection prevented him from even sitting in an upright position. He has been through the humiliation of having his family and friends feed him, bathe him, and change his clothes as if he were a baby. When you’ve reach this point where your weight is paralyzing your very existence, it is WELL beyond the “breaking point.”

Read more of this ongoing low-carb weight loss story, including the unbelievable before pictures of this man who is now trying to save his life, by clicking here.

UPDATE: So many of you have asked about whether Manuel Uribe has a web site. Actually, it just so happens that he does. CLICK HERE!

Also, check out my full collection of Manuel Uribe links with before and after pictures, updates, and so much more!


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