Reading Food Labels Useless If You Buy Junk Anyway

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ July 4, 2006

There’s an interesting new AP/Ipsos poll that came out this week showing eight out of ten Americans are label readers when they go to the grocery store to shop.

And yet, despite this apparent concern for what they are going to be putting in their mouth, 44 percent of Americans simply ignore the unhealthy ingredients and buy it anyway. What’s wrong with this picture?

While the focus of the survey was on fat and calories primarily, any mention of carbohydrates was virtually non-existent. For people on the low-carb lifestyle, label reading is a must.

bq. What do I look for when I pick up a food item and look at the nutritional label? If the net carbs are less than 5g, then it’s an EXCELLENT product for my low-carb lifestyle. Fat? Don’t care, except for trans-fats. Calories? Not concerned. Sodium? Yes for me because I’m salt-sensitive, but it’s not a problem for most people. Sugar? ABSOLUTELY because I avoid it at all costs. Everything else I simply ignore.

Read more about what this survey found regarding the breakdown of who is more likely to read labels and follow them by clicking here.


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