Carbs Are Good For You, Make You Slim, And Extend Life?

Filed under: In The News — @ July 5, 2006

Do you want a good laugh? Then check out this UK Mirror story written by health columnist Madeleine Bailey who makes the bold claim that your body NEEDS carbs like pasta and bread to survive and even get healthy.

This one is so chock full of incomplete and incorrect information, you just have to rebut the claims one by one.

bq. You really ought to be ashamed to call yourself a responsible journalist and health writer at that, Ms. Bailey! People don’t NEED carbs any more than they need a hole in their head. I suggest you read up on all the latest studies showing how healthy and effective livin’ la vida low-carb is for people needing to manage their weight and disease. It will truly astound you and you might just learn something worth writing about in the process!

Read more about why much of what Bailey wrote about in her column on carbs is inaccurate by clicking here.


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