Is Dreamfields Deserting The Low-Carb Market?

Filed under: Business — @ July 5, 2006

Dreamfields, one of the most famous companies that produces an unbelievably good line of low-carb pastas, may be on the verge of saying goodbye to the low-carb market forever.

In a recent e-mail to its customer base, Dreamfields conducted a poll to see if people are still following the low-carb lifestyle. Additionally, they pointed people to this anti-low-carb article written by a registered dietitician about the need for carbs.

bq. Here is Dreamfields pointing their customer base to a dietary advice page that is actually PROMOTING the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta, rice, and bread, claims low-carb is a “quick-fix weight loss scheme” that is merely water weight, believes you can’t possibly sustain this way of eating as a permanent lifestyle change, lambastes a diet that includes saturated fats as unhealthy, and concludes a low-carb diet lacks nutritional diversity to make it worth pursuing. Did I get all of that right, Dreamfields? Is this what YOU believe is true about low-carb living?

Read more about this disturbing turn of events with one of the last great low-carb product companies out there by clicking here.


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