A New Sugar-Free, Low-Carb Cookie That Tastes Like Homemade

Filed under: New Product — @ July 6, 2006

There’s a new low-carb cookie called Nostalgia that is low-fat (including saturated fat-free and trans-fat free), low-carb, contains no cholesterol, no salt and no added sugars.

It is lightly sweetened with Lo-Han Guo and a little erithrytol, these are a perfect snack and dessert option for diabetics, too!

Additionally, Nostalgia cookies are gluten-free and wheat-free for those of you with allergies and are naturally sweetened with very high-quality ingredients, including the healthy goodness of almonds, small amounts of raisins, dried cranberries and eggs.

Click here to read more about this new low-carb product and how you can get your hands on them for yourself.


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