Can Low-Carb Be Called A ‘Healthy Diet’?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ July 9, 2006

Take care of yourself by getting an adequate amount of sleep, a moderate level of exercise, and by eating a “healthy diet.” If I had a dollar every time I’ve heard that magical phrase said by a doctor, nutritionist or any of the thousands of other health gurus, then I would be a gazillionaire!

But does anybody know what a “healthy diet” really means?

bq. Isn’t it odd how health “experts” just automatically ASSUME that overweight and obese people KNOW what a “healthy diet” is? Obviously with two of out every three Americans currently either overweight or obese, we must NOT know what constitutes a “healthy diet” or we would all be doing those things to make us skinnier and healthier. If we did, then the numbers wouldn’t be as high as they are, right?

Read more about what these “experts” mean when they refer to a “healthy diet” and how the low-carb lifestyle fits or doesn’t fit into their definition of that phrase by clicking here.


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