Is loose skin after weight loss a myth?

Filed under: Health — @ July 11, 2006

A popular topic of discussion, especially among people who are on the low-carb lifestyle, is what to do about all of that loose, excess, hanging skin after you lose a lot of weight.

While it is so exciting to get healthier and take off the pounds, this “loose skin” problem that I have previously written about can be quite discouraging.

But what if that pile of “loose skin” we see on our bodies in the stomach, inner thigh, and arms is actually EXCESS FAT! That’s exactly what one man who has lost almost 250 pounds claims it is.

Here is what his stomach looked like last year after he had lost most of his weight following a high-protein, controlled-carb diet:

Now look at his stomach today:

Read more about what this man did to get rid of the “loose skin” problem without the use of surgery by clicking here.


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