Houston Chronicle Blogger: Atkins Diet Puts You In A ‘Mental Institution’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ July 12, 2006

The Houston Chronicle highlights local bloggers in the Houston, TX area on their newspaper web site. One of those bloggers is a woman named Sarah Trammel whose blog is called Watercooler Confidential where she and another blogger post columns about office life.

But imagine my surprise when in her most recent post Trammel takes on the subject of the Atkins diet and makes some rather derogatory comments about people on low-carb diets, including that we all belong in a “mental institution.”

bq. You read that right, if you are livin’ la vida low-carb to lose weight, improve your health or whatever, then this Sarah Trammel chick from Houston thinks you need to be wrapped up and put in a padded room somewhere. How much more insulting can someone get than to mock the way we eat and then claim we are all loony birds for doing so?! Speaking of mentally unstable!

Click here to find out what else Trammel had to say about people on the low-carb lifestyle and how you can share your comments with her regarding what low-carb living is really all about.


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