Ruby Tuesday: A-B-C Ya Low-Carb Dieters!

Filed under: Restaurants — @ July 12, 2006

Following the sudden removal of their world-famous low-carb cheesecake from their menu a couple of months ago, Ruby Tuesday just announced their new strategy heading into the future for their restaurant chain and their popular Atkins-friendly menu has been given the axe so they can focus more on “appealing to a wider customer base.”

bq. The menu at Ruby Tuesday was incredible for people on low-carb and it will be sorely missed because it truly reflected a “low-carb” menu that people following a low-carb plan actually wanted to get, especially that outstanding cheesecake I used to love to get during my weight loss and can’t get anymore (BOO HOO!).

Read more about this decision by Ruby Tuesday to say A-B-C ya to low-carb dieters by clicking here.


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