Three Mississippi Women Win Weight Loss Contest Shedding Over 100 Pounds On The Atkins Diet

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ July 13, 2006

Despite the constant negativity in the media and from the health “experts” about how dangerous and unhealthy low-carb plans like the Atkins diet are, the truth of the matter is this way of eating is STILL changing people lives in the year 2006.

Where’s my proof? Well, allow me to introduce you to three ladies from the small Mississippi town of Kosciusko who cumulatively lost over 100 pounds since the beginning of the year as part of a weight loss contest at their work.

All three of the women–Linda Rea, Darlene Waddell, and Sandy Stahl– decided the best way for them to lose weight was to avoid all of the “fad” diet and go on a healthy and effective nutritional approach — the Atkins diet.

bq. What a testimony about how the low-carb lifestyle is STILL changing people’s lives in 2006! If this was just a “fad” diet, then why are so many people still doing so well on this remarkable and healthy lifestyle change? Hmmmmm? We heard about this Oregon woman winning a weight loss contest on Atkins last month and now these ladies from Mississippi. Watch out, everyone, we might just be seeing a resurgence and rebirth of low-carb happening right before our eyes!

Click here to read more about this inspiring low-carb weight loss success trio.


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