The Literary Genius Of Anthony Colpo

Filed under: Review — @ July 17, 2006

I just finished reading Anthony Colpo’s masterpiece “The Great Cholesterol Con” and liken this book to some of the greatest literary works in the history of the world.

bq. For Albert Einstein, it was his theory of relativity. For Leonardo da Vinci it was his painting “Mona Lisa.” For Francis Crick and James Watson, it was discovering DNA. But even these men of great infamy were not given the immediate critical acclaim and accolades from their peers that such displays of cerebral excellence deserved in their own time. It wasn’t until years later in the context of historical significance that each of these discoveries and works of art became known as the brilliant showpieces they are today. Now we have another candidate that fulfills the litmus test for genius and yet his work is not being heralded by the people of his generation as it deserves to be. I suppose he should feel proud to be placed in the same company as an Einstein, da Vinci, or Crick and Watson because his discoveries about cholesterol are no less spectacular than what they found. Remember the name: Anthony Colpo.

Read more of my review of “The Great Cholesterol Con” and find out why I believe this book will stand the test of time.


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