Study: Sugar Poisons The Brain And Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

Filed under: Study — @ July 18, 2006

People following a low-carb lifestyle are already aware of the dangerous physical impact consuming sugar can have on your health. But now new research from Sweden has found elevated blood sugar levels can actually lead to the development of the brain-debilitating Alzheimer’s disease.

The Stockholm-based Karolinska Institute presented their 9-year study of over 1,100 people at the 10th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders in Madrid, Spain on Monday that should serve as a warning for those 73 millions Americans who are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.

bq. With the most recent research pointing to the low-carb approach as the best way to help diabetics control their blood sugar levels without the use of medications, then why wouldn’t we want to use this miraculous way of eating to slow down the rates of Alzheimer’s disease as well? In fact, we’ve already seen another recent study that showed a low-carb diet can actually REVERSE Alzheimer’s disease completely which goes hand-in-hand with this study showing a high-fat, nearly zero-carb diet controlled the symptoms of yet another debilitating neurological disease — Parkinson’s!

This is a ruthless cycle that sugar is putting us through.

bq. Diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are very likely caused by the excessive amounts of sugar we are putting in our mouths which is then leading to the twin health epidemics of obesity and diabetes that brings us back to a higher risk for developing these awful diseases. Can’t we just stop this madness by recommending the low-carb lifestyle as a healthy, permanent way to not only maintain your weight, but also to prevent all of these diseases from inflicting us with unnecessary medical conditions?

Read more about this latest research which should have people flocking to the low-carb lifestyle by clicking here.


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