Low-Carb’s Making Krispy Kreme Start To Scream

Filed under: Business — @ July 19, 2006

Awww, poor Krispy Kreme has been forced to close their doors in several locations in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. I’m just so upset by this. NOT!

The store closings are a sign of the times as more people are becoming health-conscious and simply avoiding the worst possible food you can eat. In fact, the bigwigs at Krispy Kreme still “blames the low-carb Atkins diet fad for its troubles.” Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?

bq. Didn’t the “low-carb fad” pass us about a year or two ago already? If that “fad” was truly fleeting and is now well in the past, then why the heck would it STILL be having an effect on doughnut sales in the year 2006? Hmmmmmm? Do you think we’re all just a bunch of morons, Krispy Kreme? Take a look in the mirror!

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