Could Low-Carb Be The Reason For Pain In The Abdomen?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ July 20, 2006

I received an e-mail from a very active 26-year-old, 115-pound woman who started low-carb in April for the sake of improving her health. However, she said she is now having “a strange pain appear on my lower right abdominal side” ever since about a month after she began the low-carb lifestyle.

That pain is nearly constant and feels like she’s being “stabbed inside” and has not subsided despite various treatments. All of her blood work has improved being on low-carb and everything else seems normal except for her “messed up” menstrual cycle.

Could it be her low-carb diet? While I don’t think every little pain low-carbers experience necessarily has anything to do with their diet, this woman is admittedly “very scared” and wants to know if anyone else has been through something like this while on low-carb.

Click here to read more of her e-mail to me, including a typical day’s menu for her and the supplements she is taking on her low-carb plan.


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