The AHA Twist In The $1,000 Wilshire Challenge

Filed under: Health — @ July 20, 2006

Last month, I told you about a $1,000 challenge from low-carb blogger and nutrition advocate Regina Wilshire in response to the new American Heart Association (AHA) dietary guidelines. She is looking for anyone who can come up with a nutrient-dense one-day menu that meets their requirements.

Now those brilliant folks at the AHA have added a new twist to that challenge by adding some more specifics about what they believe constitutes the most ideal diet you can possibly eat. When you find out what they believe we should all be eating, try not to lose your lunch especially if you are on the low-carb lifestyle.

As such, Wilshire has decided to extend her challenge to all of those who have previously failed in their attempt to meet the AHA recommendations while making sure the meals meet the minimum requirements for nutrients. Click here to learn more about how to enter.


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