Losing On Low-Carb Makes You Lose Your Voice?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ July 21, 2006

World-renowed opera tenor Richard Margison is in the midst of losing close to 100 pounds thanks to the Atkins diet. But he has expressed concern about how his low-carb weight loss may negatively impact his singing voice.

bq. “I had to lose the weight slowly and sing through it all the time so your body becomes used to losing the weight,” he said. “I know people who have had the bypass surgery — the stomach staples — and who lost a lot of weight quickly and they all felt it on the voice. You lose your vocal stamina.”

As someone who has lost 180 pounds on low-carb and enjoys singing, I have not seen anything except dramatic improvements in my tone and breathing when I sing.

bq. My breath support has improved dramatically which gives me much better control over the tone and volume of my voice and that constant feeling that I had a frog stuck in my throat swimming in a bucketful of snot magically disappeared, too. I would have to say my voice didn’t change a bit for the worse and is even a little bit better overall than it was before my weight loss.

Click here to hear a sample of my singing voice now (don’t laugh too hard!) and to read more about Margison’s amazing low-carb weight loss success story.


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