Why My 275 Total Cholesterol Is Fantastic News

Filed under: Health — @ July 21, 2006

We live in a strange era in the history of health right now. Our television screens are blaring with “take this pill” recommendations for lowering our cholesterol artificially all in the hopes of allegedly protecting us against having a heart attack or develop heart disease. Okay, fine.

So prove it. Prove that ANY of those drugs actually do what all these doctors and health professionals claim they do. The truth is they can’t because the evidence does not back them up. But that hasn’t stopped them from heavily promoting some very dangerous prescription drugs on the public.

I received the results of my VAP cholesterol test I had done back in late April and I am pleased with the fantastic news:

Total Cholesterol – 275
Total LDL – 203
Total HDL – 57
Total VLDL – 14
Triglycerides – 49

Some people reading these numbers would look at the 275 total cholesterol and fall out of their chair in their eagerness to run down to the pharmacy to have me start taking 1000mg of Lipitor or Crestor immediately. How can I be so happy with an LDL over 200 and a total cholesterol pushing 300?

The answer is simple: my triglyceride/HDL ratio. As long as that stays below 1.0 as it has been ever since I have been on my low-carb lifestyle, I’m just not going to worry about my cholesterol (which, by the way, can increase your cholesterol!). Plus, it didn’t hurt reading this book recently to put my mind at ease about it.

Click here to see more of the breakdown of my cholesterol numbers to discover why this low-carber is absolutely pleased with the results.


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