The Neverending ‘Low-Carb’ Food Debate

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ July 22, 2006

If you are an active low-carber, then undoubtedly you have engaged in the neverending debate over the “low-carb” food products and whether they are appropriate for people to eat on their low-carb lifestyle.

The two extremes go something like this:


People who are on this extreme end are extremely serious about livin’ la vida low-carb and believe everything they put in their mouths should be only organic, whole foods that don’t need any packaging whatsoever. They’ve lost their weight “naturally” without the use of anything labeled “low-carb” and highly discourage other low-carbers from picking up these “Frankenfoods.” They have kissed the days of packaged foods goodbye forever.


People who are on this extreme end are wayfarer low-carbers who are gullible enough to buy virtually ANYTHING that blares the words “low-carb” on the packaging whether that claim is accurate or not. They love to find a “low-carb” version of just about anything and everything so they can eat like they always have and call it “low-carb.” Then these people get mad at their low-carb diet months down the road when they haven’t lost any weight despite the fact they have been eating all of these “low-carb” products.

As someone who lost 180 pounds in 2004 and keeping that weight off thanks in part to consuming high-quality, sugar-free products, I fall down the middle in this sometimes contentitious debate.

Click here to read more about the position I have staked out and to read the opinions of others who disagree with me.


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