You Must Read Julia Havey’s ‘The Vice-Busting Diet’

Filed under: Review — @ July 24, 2006

I just finished reading the brand new book by Julia Havey entitled “The Vice-Busting Diet” and urge you to order your copy of this amazing book as soon as possible.

You might be wondering, “Oh boy, not ANOTHER diet book!” But wait, this one is unlike most of those “other” diet books out there because Julia actually knows what it’s like to be fat.

bq. While many diet gurus who write books about weight loss are people who have no idea what it feels like to be fat, this is definitely NOT true about Havey who once weighed nearly 300 pounds. But she overcame her obesity and lost 130 pounds because of the very principles she shares in this book. Best of all, she has kept that weight off for over a decade and has committed her life, along with husband and co-author Dr. J. Patrick Havey, to helping others find the success they so desperately crave in regards to their own weight.

This is not a “low-carb” weight loss book, but the principles Julia Havey discusses in her new book fit in well with the low-carb lifestyle.

bq. Think about it for moment. How many of us consciously TRY to cause harm to our bodies with the way we live our lives. Nobody with a sane mind does that, right? But Havey says our small choices in life such as mindlessly drinking sugary sodas, stopping by the local burger joint for a quick meal on the go, or even forgoing exercise just so we can plop down on our couch to watch hours of mindless television are all vices that we need to overcome to lower our weight and get healthy.

Read more of my review of Julia Havey’s “The Vice-Busting Diet” by clicking here.


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