‘Weight Loss Buddy’ Connects People Who Want To Lose Weight

Filed under: Business — @ July 26, 2006

Is your low-carb lifestyle stuck in a rut and you wish there was a way to connect with other people to help you along in this journey? If so, then allow me to introduce you to Weight Loss Buddy.

This online support team will help you become the success you desire to be in weight loss by imploring three specific strategies:

1. Activities

Twelve weekly activities from proven experts that you will be doing simultaneously with your Weight Loss Buddy. You will also begin looking into why you have been eating poorly in the past and gradually learn to change your behavior to more healthier choices. Their philosophy is that “behavioral change is the only really permanent weight loss solution.”

2. Your Personal Page

You get to create your very own “Personal Page” that lets you enjoy some “me” time to evaluate how your weight loss is going. This page is not visible by ANYONE else and let’s you work on self-development through resolution-building, reading tips and advice, inquiring with one of the many weight loss experts, write in your personal diary, take quizzes and vote in polls. People need to be alone from time to time and this page enables participants to do just that!

3. The Team Page

When you become a member of a weight loss team, you will have access to the “Team Page” featuring the “Clubhouse” of all of your team members going through weight loss with you. Throughout the 12-week plan, you get the support of these teammates as you all seek to attain your goals together. You can talk to your “Buddys,” see the updates on any weight loss challenges that are ongoing, check in on the progress of your other teammates, plan events, exchange favorite recipes, get coupons and so much more.

Learn more about the Weight Loss Buddy program including their panel of experts which contains a few familiar names and faces by clicking here.


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