Academy Of The Sierras Camp Puts Kids On Extreme Low-Fat Diets

Filed under: Health — @ July 28, 2006

There is a weight loss camp for adolescents in California innocently called Academy of the Sierras that is putting the health of children in jeopardy by forcing them into eating an extreme low-fat diet.

How extreme, you may ask? How about 10g fat a day?! TEN GRAMS–that’s it!

Check out a sample list of foods these kids are allowed to eat:

low-fat pizza
very lean ground turkey tacos (EWWWW!)
fat free bean burritos
veggie egg white omelettes (where are the yolks?!)
oil-free Asian stir fries
innovative pastas (what the heck is that?!)
spice apple raisin pancakes
bagels with fat-free cream cheese
Berries (the best item on this menu!)
melon wedges
fat-free yogurt
Boca burgers (mmm, mmm Boca–NOT!)
sandwich bar with very lean ham and turkey
Mexican pizza
fat-free soups
fruit salad (can you say sugar?!)
honey chicken
veggie stir-fry


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