Does Steve ‘The Fat Man Walking’ Vaught Need To Go On Low-Carb?

Filed under: Celebrity — @ July 30, 2006

Who HASN’T heard of Steve “The Fat Man Walking” Vaught? You know, that guy whose weight ballooned up to 410 pounds before he decided enough was enough and came up with this idea to walk from California to New York starting in April 2005.

Well, he has admitted in his personal online journals that finding the right way to eat is something he considers a “battle even now” after losing over 100 pounds. I wrote to Steve and encouraged him with my low-carb weight loss success story since I too started off at 410 pounds. Perhaps he would do well going on low-carb, too.

He wrote back to me this week stating it “is a long journey but one that can be done.” Absolutely, my friend, and YOU CAN DO IT!

Click here to learn more about the man who calls himself “The Fat Man Walking.”


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