Don’t Give Up On Weight Loss Cause You Had A ‘Fat Day’

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ July 31, 2006

Do you feel fat today? Did you just wake up out of bed and suddenly feel like you gained 50 pounds overnight? Have you recently lost weight on low-carb and yet you can’t seem to shake that nagging feeling that you’re still overweight?

You, my friend, are having what I called a “fat day.”

To illustrate this, I wrote a parody of Daniel Powter song “Bad Day” and changed the words to make the song “Fat Day.”

Here’s just a snippet:

Where is the moment we needed the toast
You turn on the oven and cook up a roast
They tell me your diet’s slippin’ away
They tell me you don’t know what to say
And I don’t need you to explain

You stand in the line at the grocery store
You grab you a Coke and you get it to go
You tell me your diet is way off line
You’re gaining back weight all the time
And I don’t need you to explain

Cause you had a fat day
You’re eating once more
You’re stuffing your face with the things you abhore
You say you don’t care
You’re ready to quit
You offer excuses why you’re pitchin’ a fit
You had a fat day
The scale doesn’t lie
You’re weight comes back down if you recommit now
You had a fat day
You had a fat day

Read more about this idea of having a “fat day” and read the rest of the lyrics to my parody song by clicking here.


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