Can You Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Weeks? Join The Challenge!

Filed under: Events — @ August 1, 2006

Beginning TODAY, August 1, 2006, I am issuing a public challenge to anyone who needs to lose weight to join me in an effort to lose 30 pounds in 30 weeks on what I am calling the “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge.

That’s right, I said JOIN me because I am going to go through this as well. Even after losing 180 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004 and continuing to keep the weight off for the past two years, I have decided that NOW is the time to begin trying to lose a little more weight again.

I will report my progress weekly on Tuesdays from now until February 27, 2007 when I hope to have shed 30 more pounds by then to get down to 210 pounds. We can celebrate our success together at that time, but now is the time to get to work on our low-carb weight loss.

bq. For some of you, 30 pounds is exactly what you need to lose and this “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge is just the kick in the pants you needed to get you going. But for others, 30 pounds will merely be the beginning of SEVERAL “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenges you will need to go through. That’s okay and I encourage you to let this challenge get you started off on the right foot towards becoming the low-carb weight loss success that you deserve to become.

If you think you are up to the “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge, then click here to learn more about it and how YOU can lose weight right alongside me through the end of February 2007. Why wait until New Year’s Day to do what you KNOW you need to do NOW?!


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