Is There A Limit To Low-Carb Weight Loss?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ August 4, 2006

A fascinating topic of discussion has ensued surrounding the following question:

“Does low-carb living ever stop working?”

The line of thinking behind this theory is that low-carb only helps you lose weight to a certain point and then stops working necessitating people to start counting fat, calories, and portion sizes.

bq. Nice try, but that’s just a sneaky way to tell me to eat less fat, less calories, and smaller portions as the way to manage my weight. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! That’s why I went on the Atkins diet in 2004 so I wouldn’t HAVE to do all of those things anymore and it has been the most freeing aspect of my weight loss experience. If I started watching all of those things again, then I KNOW I would get frustrated and stop doing anything about my weight. And so would others.

Click here to read more about this controversial limit to low-carb weight loss theory.


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