Get Ready For The SUGAR SHOCK! Of Your Life

Filed under: Publications — @ August 8, 2006

There’s a new book you are going to start hearing a lot more about over the next few months that is an important addition to the ever-growing body of evidence pointing to sugar as the culprit in such growing epidemics as diabetes and obesity. That book is called SUGAR SHOCK!.

Written by anti-sugar activist Connie Bennett, a trained journalist who overcame her addiction to sweets and improved her health, this book is going to explain exactly what the body goes through when excessive amounts of sugar are consumed. It’s not a pretty picture as those of us who are on the low-carb lifestyle already know.

There will be much more to tell you about SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life– and How You Can Get Back on Track as the January 2007 release date gets closer, but click here to read the impressive list of endorsements Bennett has already received for her book. This will DEFINITELY be a book you will want to add to your personal health library collection.


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