Chiropractor: Atkins Is A ‘Fad,’ Carbs Are ‘Foundation Staple To Our Diet’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ August 11, 2006

While most chiropractors are very friendly towards the low-carb lifestyle, this column written by a Denver, CO-based chiropractor named Sean Reif shows that is not a viewpoint shared across the board.

Here’s what Dr. Reif thinks about the Atkins diet:

“The protein-rich Atkins diet is a fad,” Dr. Reif boasted. “Proteins are harder to digest and metabolize and may not provide the energy needed for a long, strong run … the foundation staple to our diet should be grains: rice, bread, and pasta.”

Dr. Reif suggests people eat a “balanced healthy diet” full of high-sugar, high-carb fruits and vegetables along with low-fat foods.

bq. With all due respect, all this mumbo-jumbo dietary advice of yours, Dr. Reif, is nothing more than the same-old, same-old that we’ve been forced to believe as the gospel truth for the past three decades. But times have changed and the low-fat lie has had the lid blown off of it and completely exposed as a fraud. It’s time to get with the times and stop burying your head in the sand about the healthy benefits of the low-carb lifestyle.

Read more of my reaction to Dr. Sean Reif’s column against the Atkins diet by clicking here.


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