Sugary Beverages Are Packing On The Pounds, New Scientific Review Finds

Filed under: In The News — @ August 12, 2006

For the past four decades, Americans have been gulping or guzzling their way to weight gain by choosing sugar-sweetened beverages, concludes an important scientific review published Tuesday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Specifically, one extra can of soda a day can pile on 15 pounds in a year, and the “weight of evidence” strongly suggests that this habit is a key reason that more Americans have been becoming overweight or obese, found the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health.

“We tried to look at the big picture rather than individual studies,” and it clearly justifies public health efforts to limit sugar-sweetened beverages, said Dr. Frank Hu, head researcher for the new report, which also found that almost one-third of all carbohydrate calories in the American diet come from added sweeteners, with drinks accounting for half of this amount.

Well, we’ve certainly heard before from other studies that soda can pack on the pounds, but this new report from researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health seems unparalleled in scope and depth. First off, it reviewed 40 years of nutrition studies, which were selected on the basis of their scientific merit and relevance. Furthermore, the review was funded both by the federal government and the American Heart Association.

You can read more here about this important study.


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